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You've seen it happen in your own fields. Those few weeks in midsummer when you can almost hear the corn grow. Our exclusive Corn Sprint Kit gives you the tools to monitor your crop's growth during the sprint.

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Fuel for the Sprint


Liquid Nutrient Use Enhancement

BioPath® is a biological fertilizer complement formulated with proven strains of PGPR that increases nutrient availability, uptake, and utilization and improves early-season plant growth and vigor, optimizing yield potential in crops. As a liquid biological, it can be pre-blended with liquid fertilizers or easily tank-mixed and applied at plant, sidedress, topdress or through fertigation.

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Liquid Coating for Dry Fertilizer Blends

PowerCoat is the perfect complement for dry fertilizers that improves nutrient utilization for greater plant growth and vigor, helping maximize ROI from fertilizer inputs. PowerCoat comes in liquid form to coat granular fertilizer and is an economical biological option for banded or broadcast applications.

More Nutrient Use Efficiency.

More Yield Potential. More in '24.

Nutrient use efficiency is the secret to winning the Corn Sprint. Complementing your fertilizer with the right biologicals is critical to helping crops better utilize nutrients that are in the soil and applied throughout the season. BioPath and PowerCoat can give your 2024 crop an edge by working with the soil microbiome to make critical nutrients available throughout the season. 

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Make Your Fertilizer Investment Go Further

BioPath and PowerCoat improve your return on fertilizer investment by making nutrients in the soil more available to the plant. By supporting the natural microbes in the soil, these biologicals cycle nutrients as they grow and colonize, breaking them down into forms that plants can more easily take up. That's why we call them fertilizer's perfect complement.

Make BioPath and PowerCoat Part of Your Plan

BioPath and PowerCoat are formulated to work with fertilizer to increase nutrient availability, uptake, and utilization and improve early-season plant growth and vigor, optimizing yield potential in crops. Because when they're backed by decades of crop nutrition leadership, expertise and innovation … biologicals work.

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Flexible Application

Tank-mix BioPath or add PowerCoat to granular fertilizer.

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Consistent Performance

BioPath and PowerCoat achieve an 80% to 90% win rate in research trials.

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BioPath and PowerCoat increase overall profitability with a yield advantage ROI of 3 to 1.

How BioPath Works

Are You Ready to Win the Corn Sprint?

Ready to see how biologicals can complement your crop nutrition plans and increase your return on fertilizer investment? Contact your retailer to learn more about how you can win with BioPath and PowerCoat.

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