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Now backed by Mosaic.

We are excited to announce Mosaic Biosciences™.

The company known for bringing crop nutrition expertise to agriculture is now bringing a portfolio of biological technologies to market. Rooted in science and thorough research, the Mosaic Biosciences portfolio is intended to support crops and their natural biology to push potential further than it has been before.

Where soil, plants and microbiome interact, you’ll find Mosaic Biosciences activating the connected potential that lives there.​

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... and expertise in crop nutrition

has led us to one important truth...


Our decades of scientific discovery ...

Biologicals work.
Activating Connected Potential
Biologicals Backed by Mosaic
Biologicals Backed by Mosaic
Activate Your Connected Potential

Our commitment to growers and retailers is ongoing

Science is quickly uncovering the connected potential to efficiently increase crop health. Mosaic Biosciences brings a science-backed portfolio of biological technologies to activate this connected potential. The Mosaic Biosciences portfolio of products protects and promotes plant health growth while supporting the critical microbiome responsible for plant health and resilience. ​

At Mosaic Biosciences, we are bringing a global scale to the research and development of new biological technologies. As with all Mosaic products, our biologicals are rooted firmly in science and come with the same agronomic expertise we are known for.

Ready to know more about biologicals, including how they work and what they can do for your bottom line?

We want to hear from you.

Connect with Mosaic Biosciences and we’ll be in touch. In the meantime, you’ll be able to keep track of our latest updates and innovations in the field of biologicals.

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Mosaic Leadership + Legacy

Unparalleled expertise and products make us the undisputed global leader in crop nutrition and well equipped to deliver bioscience products and technologies that complement fertilizer and maximize nutrient availability, uptake and use efficiency; improve crop vigor; and mitigate abiotic stresses.

Ongoing Biological

The pursuit for knowledge and its application in this rapidly evolving category to create the most valuable and game-changing technologies and partnerships possible for ag retailers and growers.


Our TruResponse™ global trials and testing platform encompass wide-ranging crop conditions and collaborators to validate performance and increase confidence for our customers.


Supporting Agronomists with Learn and Earn

When agronomists complete the learning modules on Mosaic AgCollege Online, they can earn incentives and CCA credits.

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A focused offering that’s backed by Mosaic’s core crop nutrition expertise and understanding of the market to consistently generate return on investment for ag retailers and their growers.

When environmental stressors threaten plant performance, the right biostimulant provides support to critical stress management systems. Mosaic Biosciences biostimulants activate the connection between plants and their natural stress response, helping to mitigate the impact of drought, heat or salinity on the plant, ultimately protecting yields.

Managing Plant Stress To Protect Yields​

As the leaders in crop nutrition and with decades of in-lab and on-farm research, Mosaic is uniquely positioned to understand how crop nutrition works and leverage that understanding to build a portfolio of nutrient use enhancement technologies and products that work. 

The Mosaic Biosciences portfolio of nutrient use enhancement technologies activates the connection between microbes and nutrients in the soil. Their symbiotic relationship helps break down soil-bound nutrients to make them more accessible and available to plants, while enhancing the microbial activity in the soil. Adding a Mosaic Biosciences nutrient use enhancement product to your crop nutrition plan helps increase fertilizer efficiency, ultimately increasing the return on fertilizer investment.

Nutrient Enhancer

Increasing Returns on Fertilizer Investments